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Few site changes & a request for help (again..)

Me and OG's staff have decided it's time to split up the prototopia section. From now on, there's two, One for retro, one for anything not ready to be posted public. This means anything pre-7th gen will be posted in the new prototopia section, anything newer will be in the other.

Now, we've decided enough is enough on lack of info on betas, we've been asking for a long time for help on builddb but barely anybody cares, so we'll be merging the wiki into OG over the coming weeks. It won't be a full fledged Wiki, more a limited one that'll be part of the forums.

We're also in need of scans of developer discs, these must be 600DPI or better on a white background. This is due to many people assuming press builds are not leaked etc and it'll help keep a log on whats been sold/has been dumped etc.

A few example scans can be seen here,

Thanks to RacingFreak for clearing these up.

Ps, keep an eye on the forums at 6PM GMT today.

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