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May 31, 2019
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Let's make this the dumping ground for all great videogame related offers.
I'll kick off with this great for value for money offer, for XBOX and PC gamers who wan't to have Game Pass on the cheap.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, 36 months for 1 euro!
Thanks to an offer Microsoft is running at the moment you can get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the complete remainder of your pre-paid Xbox Live subscription with a maximum of 36 months for ONE EURO! [I could not believe this offer was true, but I tried it anyway and to my surprise I was able to extend my live subscription with 2 years and in total this costed me €90,58]

Step 1) Pre-pay your Xbox Live subscription for a maximum of 36 months. (Apparently MS is stopping stacking of Xbox Live subscriptions, so milage may vary. I was able to extend my subscription with a maximum of 24 months yesterday, trying my 3'rd 12 months code resulted in an error) [At the moment CDKEYS has an offer running, but depending on your region you might find a better deal elsewhere]

Step 2) Subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate through this page:
https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-game-pass-ultimate/cfq7ttc0khs0 [If the page does not change to your local, scroll to the bottom and change the region/language to pay in your local currency]

Step 3) From the link in Step 2 you'll end up on the official MS website. From here you can subscribe for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for €1,-. In the first pop-up it will acknowledge this offer will last until the end of your Xbox Live subscription, followed by a confusing message that it will cost you €12,99 in the second month. However when finalizing, you'll see in your MS dashboard that the monthly payment won't start until the end of your already paid Xbox Live subscription :cool:
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