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PS2 Green DMS3 2.0


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Jun 7, 2019
Does anyone have knowledge of early PS2 modchips? I have never seen a green DMS3 2.0 before. All of the ones I installed were blue. I never have seen a DMS3 v1.0 before they released the 2.0 version, and I think those might have been green. But this appears to be a 2.0 according to the rear decal and config menu information. I lifted it to see if the same familiar "2.0" decal was on the back. There was some tape insulating that side, hence the sticky residue. The decal was there.

I have included images of my blue versions for comparison. My blue 2.0 has the same decal. There is nothing on the back of my v9 version. I am mainly just curious, as finding DMS3 information today is more difficult. These old chips always fascinated me, and I would appreciate any shared knowledge or stories.

Has anyone else owned a green one? I often wonder where these, and other modchips of the day, were made. It wasn't really the "maker era" back then. Any shared personal knowledge would be appreciated.