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Jun 28, 2019
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Jul 15, 2011
Hey everyone. Yes, I was an AssemblerGames user for years, but not a very active one. My main contributions to the gaming community involve codes I have made for various games, but I was never particularly prominent in that field either. Spent a lot of time years ago hacking the Biohazard 0 Trial Edition, for example... as well as a variety of 007 games.

Just wondering if anyone here has interest in stuff like that... Action Replay/Gameshark codes, in particular. I've been thinking about tinkering with hacking again... mainly for my own amusement, but also would share my findings with anyone that is interested. I can post my codes to an old site I had made a long time ago, but am also wondering if there might be somewhere here that people would like to see that as well.

I am very "old school" in the sense that I like making codes specifically for use on a real game console with cheat devices... though I believe any Gamecube codes I make can be used by people with a modded Wii, and certainly with the Dolphin emulator. I was never interested in hacking games to be a "cheater." I just like making codes to basically prolong the fun I can get out of a game. I never use hacks when "seriously" playing... mostly interested in finding stuff like walking through walls, character/level mods, aesthetic mods, and finding unused content.

Regardless of all that, I'm glad to be a part of this new community... not that I will be extremely active, but AssemblerGames was the only gaming website I would post on at all.
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