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~ Happy Halloweenmas & Greetings to all ~


Apr 13, 2020
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Mcdonalds DSI - Acquired One Around 2015
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Having never got around to introductions here -
I am ekoy, Rare-merchandise and gaming collector. I am here because years before the situation with the mcdonalds DSI blew up, I was searching for one, Knowing from experience that windows for opportunities are small and i managed to obtain one of those DSI units while there were only bits of information about this (Its the one used as an avatar)

I love gaming especially mugen, Have one of the last 'The Lost' for the PS2 advertisements they intended to release before that game went to hell and got messed up in some company in india as well as holding onto other antiques like it. I am here because of sharing an enthusiasm for digging up relics in every sense of the word, Preserving them for everyones enjoyment and seeking out ever more treasures like them, If any opportunities present themselves that is..

There is nothing more i like than discussing gaming and gaming-lore all day if time permits and everything rare and obscure.
Merry holidays - Ekoy