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HDMI over Ethernet for Playstation 2?


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Nov 6, 2020
I know exploited PS2 can run .elf files.

Could someone run code that would encapsulate the digital video and audio into frame packets and send it out the Network Adapter to a smart device that would run a program outputting the stream on it's built in HDMI port?

Something to think about for the experts. Maybe not enough RAM or processor overhead to do it.

HDMI mods are way too expensive to consider IMO. Just thought maybe this could work but it would have to be uncompressed to keep the load on cpu down...but PS2 is mostly low resolution anyway.

So free if it works and you already have network adapter and a smart device (pi, etc)


May 31, 2019
It could be possible, I mean, clever people were able to do Video Out via USB (RemoteJoy) on the PSP (which had way less power) or even Video Out from the PSVita :p AFAIK, it was all software-based on the PSP and the PSVita had a hardware encoding thing already built in (?).

One of the tricks is to figure what program (video out or running game/app) would take prioritization for the network adapter, or just disable it overall for the game/app.