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Hello all.


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Aug 22, 2020
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Hey everyone.

Longtime gamer and old member of AG from pre 2010. I cannot remember what name I used back then but I was also active on pcefx.com in the 00s. I lost my collection in 2010 due to life issues and not being given any ability to store my stuff anywhere with no $ for a storage unit so my collection over $10,000 worth of stuff was (just about all of it) given away by my family back then.

I havnt had any access to the net for quite some time or a decent phone to use online as I am now. I remembered the AG.com url but saw that it was no more so after some digging I found this place. I am glad to see that some form of AG still lives even if it's under a new name.

I have since gotten the little out if the place that was sold that I used to live in that was recently sold by a family member only concerned with their best interests not the family as a whole...so ibam glad to have saved a few things despite it not being very much at all and nothing special.

Over the last few years I've slowly gotten back into gaming and have been working on regaining PSX JRPGs that I loved and or never played through due to collection size and no time back then. I have always had an interest I. Proto/dev stuff despite it being put of my price range and I've always preferred games from the 80-90s over games from the wii onward. I doubt I ever will see one but i still would love to obtain a test ps2 or net yaroze psx someday atleast. I am also admittedly shocked at the state of the cost of games from the 90s and even many on ps2 now. I knew things would get really costly but I never expected to see games quadruple in value over less than 10 year period. Blows me away personally.

Anyway, I love 2D gaming and JRPGs as well as arcade games/shmups and I do hope to regain some things I lost though I know most of it is gone for good.

I am pleasantly surprised to see the fan translation patch scene so lively especially for the SFC as we were denied the ability to play many fantastic games due to JRPGs especially as well as dating sims and visual novels which I always liked being so niche.

I hope to become part of the group here and as I am a night person I'll be hanging in discord most nights as I enjoy chatting with people about games and things while playing some myself. Nice to meet all of you and glad to see the spirit of AG lives on.

And never forget...The Dude Abides šŸ˜‰āœŒ
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