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AG Refugee Hello all!


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Jun 6, 2019
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Nov 12, 2005
I was on AG since 2005, I don't even remember how I found that community back then, but anyway, I has some Yaroze problems at the time, and then I got sucked in the Sony subforums, for all things regarding PS2 TEST units (anyone remembers the conversations about the quantity of RAM in those, that was fun!) then Tools, where bit by bit we offered some support to new owners of those cool but noisy machines.
I still have an interest in PS1/PS2 weird accessories, like the VR headset for PS2 for example, which not many people have seen.

As far as gaming go, I was more of a PC guy growing up in the 90s, only console I had before the 21st century was a Master System.
I already enjoy this new place as my post count shows, and I think chatting about more PS1/PS2 stuff, Killzone games, betas and unreleased games and whatever interesting subject comes up really will keep me here for a long time.

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