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hello gamers


Feb 14, 2020
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As my username suggests, I'm pretty focused in on collecting for the Wii U. If interested, my instagram of the same name shows most of my set, which is pretty far-ranging at this point.

I'm originally a Sega guy, my first system was the Master System II (Alex Kidd in Miracle World pack-in), going to the Mega Drive, GameGear and Saturn, but not without having a Nintendo pit-stop via the Game Boy (it was universally illegal not to own Tetris in the early 90s of course), before eventually caving in and going full speed Nintendo with the SNES for Super Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country reasons. The N64 came at a time when I was young enough, but old enough, to become completely obsessed with videogames, games like Mario 64 and Wave Race 64 were my favourites and still calture my imagination to this day (I'm recently getting back into playing the actual console since I sold what appeared on both Rare Replay and the Wii U Virtual Console). PS1, PS2, PS4 and XBOX ONE also feature in my gaming landscape, but not heavily. Switch-wise, it's completely ON and it's been a phenomenal system for me so far. I think that wraps up my intro :)