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Feb 21, 2020
I've been involved in the Xbox modding scene since 2002, to some degree - be it figuring out how to make the GentooX rootFS smaller for stock hdd users, or building GUI tools for hacking halo maps, or to the later things like modding xbox 360's, repairing bad capacitors, or attempting to get the Xbox Alpha running in a virtual machine.

Other crap I've done: repackaged the xbox kernel source code so it can compile. I'm missing a couple of the crucial files for that, like KEY_SIGN.7z, which eludes me, and the full xboxdash source files, which would be great to find at some point.

I'm kinda-sorta also involved in testing XQEmu as well - I've been doing some form of testing since 2014 or so.

I go by other names in other places, and do other things that revolve around computers, including recovering and restoring old PC/Mac's.