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Jul 1, 2022
Hey there, I'm pretty excited to have found this place, I used to browse AssemblerGames often when I was younger and I definitely credit it as a big influence as to how I got into collecting and generally just interested in the video game industry outside of playing the games themselves.

I've got a moderate collection mainly focused on Nintendo; some of the more interesting things include an NDEV used by 2K at some point that I found at a pawn shop in Vegas, a CIB copy of Pokemon Box R&S that someone had donated to Goodwill, and a boxed Randnet bundle 64DD.

Additionally, I love the DS a lot and I own like 30 of them (The TN vs IPS screen argument does not matter, the color and brightness variation between DS screens is ridiculous even between 2 of the exact same model. You can get beautiful TN panels and disgusting IPS panels; I will die on this hill).

See y'all around ✌️

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