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May 31, 2019
Hey all,

I've always had an interest in the more obscure side of gaming, both software and hardware wise.

The first beta I ever played was of Jazz Jackrabbit 3, I remember thinking it was great to play a prototype of an unfinished game that was eventually cancelled.

The younger me also got really interested in Windows XP before it was released, seeing how something developed in to the final product that really took my interest.

As time went on I got interested in console modification, modding my original Xbox with an upgraded hard drive and an LCD screen. Having a cheap way to use many emulators on the TV was amazing back then.

When various modifications for the Xbox 360 became possible I started posting tutorials about things i'd done, such as hacking a 250gb SATA hard drive to work in the Xbox 360. A lot of the time it seemed the information required to do a proper job from start to finish was never all in one place, so I tried change that and release some quality content where possible.

In more recent times my interest has been focused on event Pokemon and distributions for past Pokemon games. Myself and various members of the Pokemon community have manage to preserve and release a lot of event Pokemon and distributions, allowing new and returning fans to the franchise to enjoy these Pokemon years later.

This post is getting a bit long now, so I hope to see everyone about about on Obscure Gamers.

You will also find me on Digiex, Neowin, Project Pokemon, GBA Temp, Assembler Games and possibly a few other sites also :)


Jul 26, 2018
Welcome InsaneNutter
I'm a great fan of your work, nice to have you here!