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Jul 19, 2019
Hi I'm Evan, This is my first time on the site. Its cool to see a community about prototypes about games, and the marketplace where people can sell dev kits, no more ebay scams lol. Now to talk about myself,

I found myself really interested in game betas when I saw the beta content from Half-Life 2. I eventually found a form about the beta and downloaded a copy to play around with. Eventually I decided to keep a copy for myself in case the site was ever closed because of Valve. Then I stared looking for betas of games I played as a kid which led me to the Assembler, I was never a member of the site and didn't really knew it existed until a few months ago. I can thank that site for the missing 200GB storage space on my hard-drive, but now I get to play with betas and a copy of them for media preservation. I try to archive a copy of the files I find in the Way Back machine/Web Archive.com, That was sparked from trying to find a copy of Desert bus and realizing no one had really preserved it.

In summery,
Im a chill dude that likes beta hunting and media preservation.
I hope we can be cool friends!

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