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Hi! I'm an arcade gamer, Youtuber and, ex-AG member..


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May 6, 2020
My name's Ricepuppet. Well, not my real name, of course.

I was a member of AG for years.. but we all know how that went. It's very hard to keep track of all the forums that are still alive, and i actually forgot about OG for years after registering. But the past 2,5 years i have been into arcade (retro) gaming, and this might be the forum to kick it back to.

I'm also (i hate the title) a 'Youtuber'. As in, i make game/arcade related video's. The past 2,5 years haven't been kind, as i mostly did outdoor videos. In those 2,5 years i rolled back into gaming/tech videos to get the channel still pumped with newer video's.

So yea, if you need any info from me, let me know!

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