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AG Refugee Hi!


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Jun 21, 2019
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Jul 16, 2016
Okay, I guess I'll take this opportunity to finally introduce myself as well.

Been an assemblergames lurker for years, then finally made an account to just continue lurking without posting thaaat much either. :p
After everything that happened, this site looks like the new place-to-go for my needs. (also been on the discord since day one as well)

Okay anyways,
I am all into PlayStation with a special fetish for all things PSP & Vita from collecting to developing. So hacking-sceners might know me..
Over the years I became kind of an UMD expert and love to search the web for new never seen before discs or talk about them.
When it comes to gaming/modding I am addicted to the GrandTheftAuto, Metro & Silent Hill franchises.

Thats all I guess

So, thanks for the refuge! Hope you all have a nice day!
And with that said I will continue lurking.. for now ;)
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