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Sep 18, 2020
Greetings, was looking for the replacement Assembler games forum.
I didn't post much on there. Will kinda be the same on here.

Usually ill be posting for tech modding/hacking advice as and when I cant find it on Google or the old Forum.
First one is how to make a PC Engine joystick all I'm finding is how to make NES controllers run on it, playing shooters on that small D-pad is hell its a future project for when I've got some money coming in, that's a phrase I've been saying a lot these past 6 months................(Bloody Covid comin over ere takin mah jerb)
Also looking at someone that can sort my Nintendo Virtual boy (UK), everybody that fixes them tends to be overseas and people I know that can solider better than me (that's most people I know that can) don't want to touch something that small

I tend to do gaming set-ups at where ever needs me (UK)
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