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PS2 I can't tell if it's a fault with the system or something wrong with the disc.


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Jul 9, 2019
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Mar 31, 2007
Last week I got an arrival from Japan, nothing huge just a Japanese copy of Ridge Racer Revolution. I put it in my Japanese PS2 and it proceeds to struggle to read the disc and make blender noises. OK, so I figure I'll rip the disc and test in an emulator. I rip this disc it rips fine BUT reading the disc the barely used Drive in the computer I used also made Jet engine sounds, other PSX games ripped just fine and pretty quiet.

I don't have a PS1 to test on...but hey maybe the Saturn will read it as something there's Redbook audio... and sure enough Saturn had no issue reading at as music CD.
Then the Bleem Beta came to mind, maybe I could play this on my Dreamcast? But I can't find the ISO so it hasn't happened.

Maybe DVD drives have trouble reading this particular copy? I got a refund for it, but I'm perplexed and I haven't been able to get an emulator working to see if the game even properly ripped.

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