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PS1 Japanese PS1 + SCPH-102 BIOS Replacement


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Jun 11, 2019
Japanese PS1 consoles even when chipped cannot play other region games, this is because the BIOS contains an extra region check as well as the CD controller.

The way around this was to either use a boot disk such as action replay, cheat cartridge or burn a new BIOS chip with the American or PAL code which doesn't have this check, with the replacement bios method, the extra wiring would look very untidy and messy.

With the help from Bad_Ad84, I have made the prototype boards that will solder directly where the original bios chip would sit and would be pre-programmed with any bios you like, it also contains a Modchip, so it's an all-in-one solution.

Also with the PAL scph-102, you would use the "OneChip" code which will boot any region, however a side effect is that it forces output to 60hz and the becomes a problem when using some televisions and the official add-on screen. This would solve this issue as well.

This is a prototype, and a few are being given to people to test


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