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Shortly after our last release we had the chance to secure 9 more discs to release. Thanks to the generous donators below, we're proud to bring you these today.

Thanks to,

Bonus Thanks to @RacingFreak for editing scans to be clearer.

New Builds Saved,
  1. Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Aug 18, 2004 Beta) (PS2) (Has 2 less files than retail, multiple text changes and maybe more)
  2. Tribes Aerial Assault (Aug 06, 2002) [CloneCD - Scratched CD] (PS2)
  3. NBA 2K3 (Sep 01, 2002) (PS2) (Matches release date but not hash compared anything)
  4. The Red Star (Aug 18, 2004) [Unreleased XBOX Port] (XBOX)
  5. Thief: Deadly Shadows (Apr 12, 2004 Preview Code) (XBOX) [Won't Extract in WX360 Use XBOX 360 ISO Extract] (Has Debug XBE's)
  6. 3DO DPK ECTS 2002 (Press Kit)
Stuff that matched past releases, redumped to redump.org standards.
  1. SEGA Rally (Jul 26, 2007) [Redump 2x Discs both matched another copy]
  2. Guilty Gear 2 Overture (Oct 23, 2007) [Redump]

Disc Pics,


Until Next Time ;)
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