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Looking for C++ or DX Programmers to help finish (OG Xbox) Dashboard Alternative


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Jul 8, 2020
Hi Guys.

We have the dug up some of the old source code to a dashboard replacement the team was working on back in 2004 which never got to finish or release to public. I would love to get a group of guys together & finish this & make it public. Upon completion all source code will be released as well as that's where i feel it should be in case someone in the next 20 years decides to look at it.

Only issues is you must have a VM XP environment & run the XDK to be able to compile & debug. If you have the spare time & would love to hep out then send me a DM on the OG discord same username as here and will fill you in with current development etc.

This dashboard is to be an alternative the likes of your EVO-X, Avalaunch, Unleash X, XBMC etc.


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