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    In these dark times we know it sucks, which is why we're trying to see the light at the end!
    We're currently polling a possible UK based meetup and would love to hear user suggestions and such. The thread can be found here:

    Please vote what location would be best for you. Even if you're not UK based! if we can find an area with cheap hotels and such. (London is overpriced) we can maybe get a group discount if there's enough.

Looking for interest in possible UK OG meetup..

Where would you like to meetup?

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Once Covid's been kicked down......

With the amount of lockdowns in the UK and worldwide we all need something to look forward too. Which is why I'm asking for interest in doing a possible OG meetup sometime late in 2020 or 2021. This is all depending on how fast a cure is found.

I'm thinking some sort of meetup with music, food, booze (for over 18's..) and screens hooked up with games to play etc. And possibly (if we can get consent from developers) to show of some developer builds and allow users to play.

The only issue here is I'm out in the middle of nowhere which is why I've made a poll for locations in the UK that users would be interested in. All will have train/bus links.

Depending on the location and amounts I'll let users know. It may have a small entry fee but this is only so we know and I'll list venue locations on the two top voted areas.

Numbers likely would be limited to around 100 users but depending on how many request, and depending on how much to rent we can sort something maybe with higher but I don't see many coming.


That's a great idea! I was always jealous reading about the NintendoAge bbq events. :)
If all stars and income align I'm definitely interest. And I love the idea of showcasing builds and making this event actually dev-oriented.
I have no preference of what location will be best, though. Anything close to exotic nightclubs?

I'll come for a holiday and to this if international flights are available then
Great username btw. Futurama fanboy here. :)
That's a very good idea. That we can all meet up with other video game enthusiasts. However, it might be difficult for me to come because I live in France. But I won't miss this event.
You're bringing up interesting ideas, that people can show of unreleased items without fear of it leaking on the Internet.