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Lurker and somewhat active Discord member finally hoping to get in on the forum action!


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Feb 24, 2020
Hey guys :)

I'm Tiberium, or Tib, or Tibby, or Ti (tye). I was into preservation about 2 years ago, when I saw this video about CoD pre-alphas. Was always wondering what development for some of the games I love were like. Went ahead and signed up for the forums Feb of last year but did not bother posting barely anything. I was always super active on the Discord though, and hopefully I'm active here. Hope to help you guys research and preserve :)
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Shane McRetro

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Dec 16, 2019
Hello and welcome!

Very interesting! A Discorder jumping into the forums, I was thinking about doing the opposite! Any tips before I go downloading the app? šŸ„³

Enjoy your stay! šŸ˜€