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Marketplace Rules

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Jul 30, 2018
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Please ensure you are familiar with the following rules before buying or selling an item.
  • Make sure you've posted an intro and something not in the market first. (Just so we know who you are.)
  • Any and all items listed for sale MUST be legally obtained. This is the most important rule and failure to follow this will result in a permenant ban.
  • Whilst we understand many devkits may contain unreleased or 'rare' data, we ask that any personal information (eg, logins, addresses) are removed before sale.
  • Be as descriptive as you can. Include pictures where possible, and clearly list any damage or defects with the product.
  • Please include a piece of paper with your username and "Obscure Gamers" written on it in at least one of the pictures, pictures must be uploaded to our server. Third party image hosting isn't allowed as of 26/08/2019.
  • If a product is faulty or defective in any way, this must be included in the product description.
  • Make sure you state whether or not you are willing to ship overseas, and include shipping costs for overseas buyers.
  • Please be sure to include in your listing whether or not any files you are selling are publically available or not.
  • Once you have sold your item you will agree to not share/resell the content sold if backed up.
  • Do not post duplicate listings. They will be removed immediately.
  • While it's allowed to occassionally 'bump' your threads, we ask that to reduce spam, you do not do this too often.
  • Staff reserve the right to remove any listing we feel necessary, without reason.
  • All transactions must be taken place on site via PM/Conversation. Deals taken off site can lead to scams and such and we're not able to protect you from those.
  • Prices must remain listed even once an item has sold, this helps us build a picture of future items values.
  • Although the marketplace primarily focusses on obscure and unusual products, retail items are permitted.
  • Items for sale should be titled "For Sale:" before your items title, and titled "SOLD:" Once the item is sold.

We suggest using PayPal for transactions as this allows for an extra layer of security, however this is not enforced, and you are welcome to use any service you feel necessary. Remember sending as paypal gift is unsafe.

Please do not delete posts once your item has sold, simply change the "for sale" part of your title to "sold". This is so users can get an idea of what their items might be worth before posting.
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