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MD Megadrive Hanging after RGB mod


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Jun 26, 2019
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I have a Megadrive 1 with a bit of a chequered past! Basically it had an overclock that had gone wrong snapped pin on the CPU also during the mod the tracks next to pin 15 had also been cut through! I have replaced the CPU, repaired the 2 missing traces and double checked continunity between every pin on the CPU and corresponding pins on the areas of the main board and all looks good. Booted up Sonic 3 and boom, up it comes working perfectly without issue so I was well chuffed that I had restored the console back to health.

Now that it is working I installed a triple bypass, have done this before without issue but for some reason this time I am having some strange issues, basically Sonic 3 will boot to the title screen and as you see tales flying his plane it will just hang, there are various garbled screen artifacts and the music keeps playing normally but on screen graphics are frozen and the console doesn't respond to any input. I also noticed that if you reset the console it might go slightly further especially if you keep resetting it, I have managed to get to part way through the intro to stage 1 before it garbled up and died again music carried on playing fine though.

I have reflowed all of the video memory and ram chips in case there was a dry joint but to no avail check around the board looking for anything obvious but nothing has come up, just wondered if anybody has any thoughts as I suspect it is going to be something tiny wrong but after spending a few hours I have not worked out what!

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