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    Starting a new job in the bay area at a certain car manufacturer and I need to not only lighten the load but get money to help move. I'm almost at a level where I'm feeling comfortable with my bank account but not quite.

    Shipping is from California. I will do international but if you'll pay for the extra cost I'll ship anywhere as long as it is tracked.


    Model 1 Sega Saturn - will be cleaned prior to shipment. Phantom modchip, region free BIOS, power and video cords, one controller - $150+shipping


    512mb Jasper XBox 360 - glitch chip installed, 120gb HDD - $120

    I have a lot more I need to sell but it's packed up and I don't want to pull it out without knowing it's being sold. If anyone needs anything, consoles, cables, etc, feel free to PM me.
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