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More Updates..

You may login tonight and notice the site is faster. That's because we finally ditched the dreaded 100mbit port for a 1gbit port and in the process gained 2 extra cpu cores and a larger SSD for only $5 more wew. Bonuses include not costing $120/month šŸ™ƒ.

Although not publicly announced here, in September 2020 OG registered to become a museum allowing us to archive and do museum activities including library based actions. This is just incase we open a building for people to read game magazines/documents etc. This wouldn't be any time soon and is purely based on funding options.

Being a company means we now have a proper business bank account, plus a proper business paypal.

The goals of our company/museum is simple, to preserve video game history for the future and to allow researchers access upon request. I personally will never profit from this and everything I own is under OG/VGPM ownership unless anything ever happens in which case anything I own would be returned. I make no money/income from OG as before, and will continue as it is now. Any and all profits will go back into the company for purchases/upgrades/fees etc.

In certain cases we may have requests by companies not to release/share information, this is beyond our control. Our goals always included working with devleopers closely and this won't change, so keeping them happy is a must.

I will still be about clearly, although not as active. Due to this we've also promoted DRW & Kabo to administrator seeing as I'm not as active. Morphic remains co-owner/admin of OG as before.

I kept this short as nobody ever reads apparently :(
I have no idea who is who and who does what but I trust you're using donations properly:giggle:

I'm the director/manager of OG, we're running under UK laws and all expenses are audited/taxed yearly by the UK government.

Donations are used to cover site hosting costs, the licenses for the site/systems we use and storage/hardware costs. The rest is used to pay for history to preserve be it hardware/software/data.

Although we don't have to publish expenses publicly this is a screen shot of this months expenses, for the sake being open.