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PS2 Mystical Ninja Goemon Zero (two prototypes of the unreleased English localization Working Designs)


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Jun 1, 2019

Hello everyone! We have something very special to share with you today. Presenting, Working Designs’ (Lunar, Popful Mail, Alundra) long lost canceled English localization of Konami’s Bouken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon (冒険時代活劇ゴエモン), also known as Mystical Ninja Goemon Zero (or Mystical Ninja Goemon during development) for the Sony PlayStation 2! This game has A LOT of history behind it, and considering its localization was in development by Working Designs, there’s quite a story to tell.


This was in development for 3 years before being canceled in 2005 when the game failed the certification process at Sony for unknown reasons despite being almost finished. The cancellation was enough to bankrupt Working Designs, with the studio announcing its closure in December. The development of this version of the game is relatively unknown given that it didn't receive a lot of press. Only a few magazines and some industry people got to see the English version of the game. Because of this, prototypes of the game would be extremely hard to find. A few months ago, we were able to obtain not one, but TWO prototypes. The latest build is perhaps the very last build shortly before WD's closure. The prototype even came with a cover insert that was kindly restored by our good friends Frank Cifaldi and Hubz from VGHF!

As fans of Goemon and Working Designs, we hope everyone can enjoy this very important artifact from video game history. We hope wherever Goemon is that his next adventure is not far off. Until next time everyone, Ganbare!

(Photos by Sazpaimon)​