N64 Game Shark Anti Aliasing Hack

Discussion in 'Retro Console Modding' started by GeekMan1222, May 13, 2017.

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    May 7, 2017
    Ok so since AG is down and apparently there was lots of info on codes and how to on removing anti aliasing on the N64 using the Gameshark, I would like to know if anyone has this info? I mean every other place I found on the subject matter points to AG its rather depressing :(

    I had just started getting into RGB when AG went down and Retro RGB has a list on the subject, I want to know if there's a more up to date list on this.

    You can find the link here with the only list I have found for this topic.

    Please anyone provide extra knowledge you have on the matter in this thread
    I know you have to have a Game Shark version 3.0+ iirc and i have a 3.3
    Cheers :shamefullyembarrassed:

    (Edit, It looks like the spread sheet is open for edits which is nice, regardless anything pertaining to this subject don't be afraid to share.)
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    Aug 7, 2017
    I'm not sure what this post is getting at, but do you own a Wii? (Original) you could soft mod it, and simply get all the N64 games for free on it, and most of the GameShark codes have been ported to what are called 'Ocarina/Gecko' codes. It's basically much like the PlayStation's mods work if using Netcheat (if you're familiar).

    It's just much easier to do, and much more reliable. GeckoCodes.Com is where you can see most of it. Perhaps the code you seek is already in the game you want to use it on, maybe maybe not.

    I'm not exactly sure I interpreted your post correctly.. having said that this may or may not actually help you.
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