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Mar 22, 2020
Hello everyone! My name is Jake and I'm relatively new to emulation/preservation but I'm a long-term Xbox fan, I remember being 10 when the OG xbox came out and spending the majority of my childhood and teens playing Halo. I found a youtube channel recently which hooked my attention and after watching all of his videos it encouraged me to buy a debug Xbox from ebay.. I also heard having the extra RAM helps with that Starcraft game which unfortunately has never been released or downloaded from a youtube comment..

The debug unit I bought has a prototype build of the DaVinci Code game on it. Obviously this was never game of the year or anything but I still am going to image the HDD for preservation's sake. Like I said I am new to this scene but I found the guide with ViridiX and I have everything ready besides a desktop with a virtual machine.

I'm really excited to hear from you guys, all of the posts seem very well-informed and helpful. I'm not holding out too much hope that my debug unit has anything that exciting or note-worthy, but certainly someone else besides myself will be able to know for sure. -Jake
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