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Nov 28, 2015

Obscure Gamers Rules

Welcome to Obscure Gamers!

Thanks for joining us. Why not make an introductory thread about yourself so we can get to know you.

General Rules:

  1. Excessive use of vulgar language, drug talk, or pornography is not allowed on the site under any circumstances. This rule applies for all profile content too (sigs, avatars, etc...) Talk about pornography will be handled at the staffs discretion.
  2. Obscure Gamers Staff reserve the right to lock and/or delete any posts or threads which they deem irrelevant or frivolous at their own discretion.
  3. Please search before you post a thread. This will help cut down on duplicate posts.
  4. Do not post private messages. Private messages are meant for private conversations.
  5. Do not post personal information of other members anywhere on the boards. Doing so will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  6. Do not ask for thanks or likes.
  7. No mini-modding. Posting things such as "lock this topic" or "your going to get a warning" are perfect examples.
  8. Posting about staff actions against your account is strictly prohibited.
  9. Impersonating staff members is not allowed. This includes having badges in your signature and/or duplicate avatars.
  10. No oversized signature images. You will be asked to put the image in a spoiler.
  11. Do not post anything copyrighted, Mods are ok long as they contain no copyrighted code. If unsure PM a staff member.
  12. If doing a trade, please use the trades forum in the market area. Once the terms of the deal are made please create a PM with the links or payment information. trades done off site are at your own risk!

  1. No advertising of any form is allowed.
  2. Do not post short and useless posts especially when they are not relevant to the discussion itself.
  3. Short 1-2 worded posts will be classified as spam.
  4. Posting things like these, or the same message repeatedly in the discord is classified as spam. It will be handled by staff accordingly. This includes spamming smileys repeatedly.

Threads & Posts:

  1. Do not post hateful content. (Racism, Threats, etc...)
  2. There is a line between an arguement and a discussion. You are free to disagree but keep your temper controlled. Staff have every right to stop the discussion if they deem necessary.
  3. Do not instigate.
  4. Make sure your posts are understandable. Do not post in all caps.
  5. Do not attack other members. Such as flaming or Mocking a member.

Respecting the Authority of staff:

  1. Staff have final say over any dispute. If you disagree with something PM the staff member or another member of OG faculty.
  2. If you feel a staff member is abusing his/her powers please contact an administrator. Staff are to not flame or disrespect you in anyway.
  3. Mocking, insulting, and generally disrespecting staff will be handled with a warning or ban.

Reporting Content:

  1. ObscureGamers staff cannot stress enough of how important it is to report content that violates the rules. This is the quickest way alert staff members of a post that violates the rules.
  2. Do not abuse the Report system. Doing so will result in you getting punished.

Discord Rules:

  1. All rules of the forum also apply to the discord.
  2. Do not repeat yourself purposely in the discord.
  3. No heavy foul language is allowed.
  4. Keep overused jokes to a minimum. "DB", "Flamethrower", and other jokes can be handled at the staffs discretion. This also works in conjunction with rule 1 of the General Rules.

Banned Members:

  1. If you are banned do not create a new account to evade the restriction of your permissions.
  2. Duplicate accounts are not allowed. Dupes will not be approved and will possibly be deleted in the future. you will not be able to post.
  3. All bans by staff are final.

Diciplinary Actions:

Violation of these rules will result in

  1. Edit or removal of posts.
  2. Temporary/Permanent ban at staff discretion
  3. Edit of signature or avatar if in violation of rules
  4. Increase of the Warning Level
  5. Suspension of the offender's user account
  6. Restriction of an IP/IP range
  7. Other punishments felt necessary by the Administrators.

Rules will be added and updated when needed. So please check them periodically.
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