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OG Future (Please Read)

Hi All,

I want to address the future of Obscure Gamers as it’s long overdue, this will be a lengthy post so get comfy.

OG is in fact changing hands. Damien has indicated for some time that he wants to step down and focus on a dedicated Hardware Museum (VGPM) and as a result will no longer continue as admin for the site and discord; he will remain as a mod and member going forward.

To ensure the safety of the site, the community, and the breadth of knowledge gathered and shared over the years; the forum, discord and our other media will move away from being release focused. OG will no longer participate in group buys or distribution of software in any way.

We want to make it clear this is the only way for us to keep the site running and the community together. The alternative was for it to be shut down permanently. That being said, I’m sure none of us want to see OG go dark as AG did before. OG is a quirky home for those of us who love the obscure; friendships have been made, skills learnt, insight gained etc.

We don't want to disrupt too much of what we have already. The new focus is more to put OG back on track, potentially opening us up to different content and potentially allowing us to join partner programs.

Some changes have occurred already:
  • Filedrop and some research threads on discord have been removed/archived.
  • Prototopia downloads forum has been disabled. The content contained in this forum will be reviewed and moved if allowed.

We are being selective in order to avoid losing valuable member contributions. Anything blatantly out of line with our future will be archived permanently.

Other than releases and links we don't have issue with other topics, we still encourage discussions on
  • Build research
  • Repairs
  • Modding
  • Reverse engineering
  • Development
  • News
  • Data recovery

The above is a very short list but you get the jist of it. If you have any concerns please reach out.

When it comes to data recovery, we are happy with discussions with what you have along with the community assisting in data recovery, but any file sharing will need to occur privately or off site. Any public links posted on OG will be deleted.

Our marketplace will remain up and active. We have no issue with the sale of hardware or software (disks). More often than not, a lot of these items can be sold on ebay or elsewhere, so we don't see a problem with it at this point.

Regarding donations, OG will continue accepting donations through either kofi and patreon; the funds will be used first and foremost to maintain the site. (hosting, cdn, email, forum licenses and upgrades)

Additional funds will be going towards the following:
  • Giveaway/competitions
    • Discord Memberships
    • Steam Keys
    • Hardware/Disks potentially
    • Merch
  • In person Meetups
    • Staff are around the world, where possible we will setup meetups
  • Bounties
    • Community tooling.
    • RE efforts.
  • Hardware Purchase
    • Proto Research
    • Teardowns
    • Repairs
    • Tools
  • Advertising/Outreach
  • Event Coverage
  • Merch

We are still looking for ways to give back to donors; for now the existing badges/tags on forum/discord will continue however we want to give back more where possible.

As we move forward we want to help the streamers and other vloggers amongst our community grow. We have alot of subscribers across all our media platforms; we intend to put spotlight on some smaller content creators trying to gain some outreach. At this time we are unsure what the best approach here would be, but as we move forward we can consider ideas including posts to our social media, restreams on discord / twitch. Playthroughs, either retail games or development builds, are welcome.

As things stabilise we will also look to expand on the moderator group, and for those of you with a knack for news/engagement can join us in producing gaming content for the site and social media accounts.

Anywho, that's the majority of it. Hopefully it will be received well, we understand some will be disappointed but this appears to be the best way forward at this point in time.

We are looking for feedback and ideas to help grow OG all of which will be considered. More community engagement is a goal going forward.

One final note, theres an issue with the CDN currently, we are trying to resolve it; until then some old images on the forum will throw 404 error.

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I would shutdown discord to encourage more forums activity.
I'm sure many people actually like using discord, but is there much point to it if the site needs to be shutdown due to zero forums activity?

Is private messaging here working again? I seem to recall some issue with it sometime ago, I never saw it myself though.
Literally stuck a stake in the heart of the forum for no reason. Everything revolved around seeing what would be released next and reading about it. Now? 3 guys with stuff DM'ing each other. Quality.

Kevin couldn't have done a better job of ruining a venue.
Now? 3 guys with stuff DM'ing each other. Quality.
If I was elsewhere I would ask for usernames, but I'm not sure if messages are working for everybody here now and I would rather watch more news about the queen than use discord. Plus I doubt I would get any positive results from begging. Wasn't it mentioned somewhere that sharing via private messages in the forums wasn't allowed anyway? 🤔 Maybe I'm getting confused...

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