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OG Group buy 2.0



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OG has been in talks with a collector who is willing to let us buy his discs at a discount.

Due to some of these discs being 20+ years old we're concerned maybe at risk of bitrot so decided to split this into by system groups. The first lot is some PS1 and SEGA Saturn discs. Some have been released but need redumping.

Sadly they're not willing to hold this lot so we need to act fast. If we can prove we're willing to buy mind you they will consider it for newer lots.

As always any discs after dumping/release with be donated to VGPM which is a museum based in the UK and I personally run. Due to UK law any discs will remain property of VGPM and can only be transferred to other museums/non-profit groups which offers protection for the future.

Donations will be via Ko-fi which uses paypal. We'd prefer each disc is covered in one payment but we're aware not everyone can afford straight out. If any remain incomplete we'll offer you the choice of refunding the money or by puting towards other discs.

We've got a spreadsheet which will be updated as donations occur and we'll credit donators if they wish. (Include your username/discord id in comments please)

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May 30, 2019
Thanks, can never work out how to do that.
The trick is to have the full link masked as a link of itself, but without https and www to avoid it being detected as a link :p 1597697668413.png
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We've reached 30% of the funding thanks to you kind people!

Still a way to go so please help if you can. Even $5 helps us get one step closer to saving these and the next lot. :)

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