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XBOX OG Xbox Boot Animation Easter Egg Hunt


Jun 4, 2019
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Jul 14, 2016
In the available source code, have we been able to track down what that big long list of random numbers is?
the source code behind the sawtooth wave generation?
Seamus implies that the easter egg is "more obvious", so I would not assume that the numbers in the white noise in the audio or in the audio generation code would lead to any discoveries. It's likely something visible on screen (or something you can hear) during the animation sequence that we just don't understand yet, like it's hiding in plain sight. The alternative is that it's something gets triggered which leads to an "obvious" easter egg moment to appear.

I’ve been trying to imput names for my memory card hoping there is a trigger there along with console nicknames - nothing yet.

Looking into pipeworks a little more turns up a game called the incredible machine which the whole boot animation appears to nod at. There is also a reference In the cover art to the old school title Red Baron.

Further edit: I f you watch the Angry Video Game Nerd Jurassic Park Tresspasser episode you will discover this guy does lot's of reference eggs and little else. what ever this egg is my bet is it's not worth the hunt.

It's a shame really, with everything the xbox had at it's disposal it could easy had at least 1 built in game even if it was an 8 bit space invaders played on one of those little screens in the video settings menu.
Keep in mind that the boot animation loads really early in the hardware initialization process. And it's very compact code. The hard drive isn't even accessible yet. If I recall, the console's name is stored on the HDD. The USB ports aren't even initialized at this point, so memory cards plugged into those ports wouldn't be accessible either. Changing memory card names or console names, in my opinion, likely won't lead to success because the sequence doesn't have access to that hardware yet.

The EEPROM, however, is accessible and the startup animation does access it for figuring out if the animation should be played in Widescreen and which video mode (ntsc/pal) to use and a few other things, but it doesn't seem to reference the EEPROM in many ways at all.

As a reminder, the EEPROM stores this info:
  • HDD key
  • Region code + DVD region
  • Serial number
  • MAC address + IP Address + DNS + gateway + subnet mask
  • Video standard (pal/ntsc)
  • Timezone + Daylight savings
  • Language
  • Parental controls (for games and DVDs), including button-combination for lock
So, the animation can access these pieces of information during startup. In theory, it could look at one (or more) and then decide to do something if certain conditions are met. Trying all possible combinations isn't feasible because the number of possible combinations is exponentially huge. The only other option is to look through the code for references to the EEPROM and try and deduce what it's using it for to look for clues. So far I haven't found anything interesting in that regard.

I think I just found it Folks! the Audio file "Settings sub menu in_LR.wav" found on the xbox Dashboard is the exact same sound the SEGA dreamcast makes when it disconnects from the internet.

Do I win anything?
That's in the Dashboard, which loads after the animation. Seamus seems to imply that the easter egg is in the animation.