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    If you had an account on OG1 you will need to re-register as this is a new start for all.

OG's Patreon is live!

A few months ago before I got super tied up.. I asked how people would feel about small donations to make sure AG 2.0 didn't happen here. Most of the comments were positive and I setup a patreon but never launched it, Till now!

Currently it's setup to cover purely site expenses and won't be used for anything personal. In the future we'd like to expand into covering group buys, etc. I've left two tiers, one for those who prefer the forums and one for people who prefer both forum and discord.

The part I personally dislike here is Patreon does this as a monthly donation, You're welcome to cancel after a month and remain a donator still, with the same perks as someone who donates monthly. (It's not mandatory to help/donate! and the site will stay the same and ad free.) I'll look into options for monthly donators such as early access/discounted merch we have planned next year. 👀

I've listed all our site expenses rounded up and converted to USD which isn't much, but it least covers us incase there's future issues we may not be aware of like possible hardware failures.

If anybody does wish to help us and donate, which is highly appreciated! you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/ObscureGamers

HiddenPalace has had a highly busy year with all their Sonic and other Proto releases, They're in need of help too if you prefer helping them, their link is: https://hiddenpalace.org/Contribute this won't get a rank here sadly but it does help preservation as a whole, and HiddenPalace covers more costly retro prototypes.

Please DM/PM me the email or name used so I can enable your donator ranks here and on discord if you chose that. (Don't post this info in thread as it's insecure.)

Thank you ever so much for this year! OG's exploded beyond what I expected and I'm really excited seeing what the future holds for both OG and Preservation as a whole! The members are truely what makes preservation magical & makes the community thrive, without you so much would be lost.
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