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XBOX OpenXenium REV 1.0 OG Xbox Question


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May 31, 2019
Hi guys,

i got a XBOX HD+ Kit with a openXenium from MakeMHz.
I have a REV 1.0 Xbox MB and installed the Chip on the jtag port. I also add the D0 line from the MB to the chip.
When i now start my xbox the LED on the chip goes on (red) and the Xbox tryes to start 2 times (on/off loop).
After the second boot the Power led on the xbox goes in a Red/green circle.

Well i double checked the D0 port anything is ok on the solder side. Now i wonder is the chip maybe without a XeniumOS?
The wiki say: 1.4 The RGB LED will default to white if the CPLD is unprogrammed and will default to red once programmed.
Will the xbox boot normaly with the firmware installed?
When i bought the kit i read nothing about this point.
Without the chip the xbox boots normal..