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Review Peter Pan: A Story Painting Adventure (DOS, Mac, 3DO)

Sometimes old games pop up in my mind...some do pop up more often...and this is one of the most remembered games. ;)

Peter Pan: A Story Painting Adventure (DOS, Mac, 3DO) by Novotrade Software Kft. and published by "EA Kids".
(You can read about the developer at the end of this thread.)

As a kid I only played the DOS demo.
Today I learned it had a Mac version, a different DOS version and even a completely different designed 3DO version.

The spoken text, the voiceovers...its all different in every version...and the 3DO version even has completely different graphics.

Every version is called Version 1.0 in the intro though.

The gameplay itself was aimed at kids...and the educational sector.
Use the "Paintbox Pals" to paint something into the scene, so you could go on...or "fight" an enemy...it was simple, but fucking awesome, as a kid...not much more to say, except it hat digital sound effects and voice overs, everything in a single 6 megabyte file... then again, there was a CD Rom version, 35 megabyte in size...but more about that later...

Here are the obvious differences :

peter pan differences.jpg

There is even another text and voice variant...

final text.jpg

And some gameplay videos :


DOS: (different version but still 1.0)

Macintosh version:

3DO sampler disc : (starts at 8:50)

History about EA Kids "Paintbox Pals games" :

Who was Novotrade Software Kft. ?

Novotrade Software Kft. then turned into Appaloosa Interactive...known for Ecco the Dolphin, for example :

Sadly I never found the 3DO version...unreleased ? (I already tried to contact different people who worked for Novotrade/Appaloosa):

Here is a photo of the DOS CD Rom version : (if you are looking for a download link, please pm me)

pan cd.jpg

This CD version also has another text / voiceover...

And the CD without Eagle Eye Mysteries but with both versions (DOS and MAC):


And yet another version of the CD :

cd version 3.jpg

And the Macintosh only CD :

!mac only cd.jpg

Here is the manual :

Sooo, maybe some of you do remember this "masterpiece" and could add additonal informations ?
Maybe there is is a beta version as well ? ;D
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Jun 2, 2019
a desperate bump for (more infos on) the 3DO version


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Oct 30, 2021
Wow man thanks for this post!!!
This is my childhood game :))!! I could never find version with voice :-(


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Jun 2, 2019
Many random restless nights on ebay...and suddenly, out of nowhere. :)