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Saturn Phantom mod - CDR issues


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May 30, 2021
Hi. I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I have a pal model 2 Saturn with the Phantom mod. The region switch works fine, and it plays original games with no problem, however, some CDRs do not play well. Either they always freeze, won't load at all, or I I need to reset the console multiple times to get them stable. Some CDRs work absolutely fine, others are temperamental. The problem is with the game on CDR not th CDR. For example, Nightstalkers always works well but Astal always has an issue. This happens no matter what CDR I used. Most importantly, I find that with the problem ones, if I let the game load and then reset the console (and do this process three times) the CDR will work and I'll have no problem. It's like the console needs to have a good boot up or something. Any idea what this might be?

FYI I have tried different CDRs (currently using Taio Yuden); have tried increasing the intensity of the laser, and different rips of the same game. Nothing works other than resetting the console multiple times which then gets the problematic CDR working absolutely fine.



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Aug 10, 2019
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Have you tryed using other computer or laptop to burn the cd-r
i found my desktop burns discs but mostly have bad burns with my laptop allways perfect :)

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