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Planet PlayStation/PSExtreme - Spyro 2 Pages (Aug/Dec 1999)


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A9L Staff
Nov 17, 2020
Hello everyone!

I have a little release of some cool magazine pages covering Spyro 2! The respective magazines are an issue of PSExtreme dated December 1999, and Planet PlayStation dated August 1999. To my knowledge these haven't been shared too much before, if at all.

The Planet PlayStation magazine contains some early screenshots of Spyro 2, and the PSExtreme magazine is a review of the game.

Unfortunately I don't have a working scanner, so I tried to take pictures of these articles to the best of my ability. If anything is hard to read, try zooming in on the images a couple of times so you can see them in greater detail.

Feel free to share this post and to start a discussion. :) Hope you enjoy the articles

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A9L Staff
A9L Staff
Jun 15, 2019
It's hard to tell if there's many differences in the PS Extreme pics, but it seems to be a pre-final review build. Normally Sparx's model is used as the indicator of whether or not it's pre-final, but since he's a bit hard to see in these screenshots we're lucky in that there's another way to identify that it's pre-final. Check out the title screen:


It's a bit hard to make out but that's definitely "Start Game" written in yellow at the bottom of the screen. But if we look at the final game...


For some reason they decided to change it to lower-case purple comic sans very late in development. Where did the yellow text come from? Well if we look at the Spyro 1 title screen:


It's the same text as the text used on the PAL final build of Spyro 1. This earlier Spyro 2 title screen has been seen in one of GameSpot's Spyro 2 review screenshots before in fact:


I wonder what it is with Gamespot showing weird versions of the Spyro 2 title screen?