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Plea for help with PS2 Lenschanger and Laser compatibility on a PS2 SCPH-30001R


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Aug 24, 2020
Background Info:
SCPH-30001R with FMCB

I’m completely baffled by this issue that I’m having.
My PS2 originally had a burnt “R” laser, and I used PS2Lenschanger to write “400C” firmware to EEPROM, because thats the laser i put in. However, it didnt work at all.

I've adjusted the DVD and CD pots on the laser, and I talked to Jay-Jay on PS2-Home about it, and was referred here.

What I’ve found is that with “HD7” firmware, the PS2 will ONLY read DVD based media.
With the “400B” firmware, the PS2 will ONLY read CD media.
Do you have any idea what i could possibly do aside from reflash the EEPROM every time?

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