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Pokemon Event Distribution EUR Keldeo oddities


Original poster
Aug 31, 2019
Recently I obtained a Pokemon EUR Distribution Cartridge of the Pokemon Keldeo, and upon inspection I noticed some differences between it and other EUR distro carts.

Mainly, and the thing that got me worried about for a moment, was the bottom-left corner of the cart's sticker. Correct me If I'm wrong, but most distribution carts, and retail games, seem to have that corner cutted with rounded corners. However, for the Keldeo cart, it seems manufacturing was slightly different and the sticker has sharp corners.

You can see the differences clearly in this picture:
This seems to be going on for all the Keldeo cartridges.
Pretty much any other cartridge has a rounder corner:
Additionally, the Nintendo Seal of Quality seems to be much less vivid and intense, and altought this could be an artifact of the white background, again I can confirm this happens with mine and others I've seen.

Just sharing this curiosity with you all. Do you know of any other peculiarities of these or other items?

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