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PS2 Possible to Disable Ps1 support on Matrix Infinity Clones (Modbos)


Original poster
May 10, 2021
For the past 15 years or so, the modchips for Ps2s that we have available are all clones of clones of clones.
The most common chips that majority of people use are Modbos or another variant of Matrix Infinity clones.
These are dirt cheap and overall pretty damn good for the most part especially when compared to other clones.
Settings can be saved, disabling the chip works ect.
Firmware cannot be flashed on the clones but the biggest issue is with Ps1 support.
The PS1 boot animation is totally gone and replaced with a black screen.
The other issue is that Ps1 games will fail to boot up about half the time on certian ps2 revisions.
After playing around with Mechapwn, the ps1 support on most revisions is amazing when you flash it as US DEX with stock settings (Not force unlock)
The ideal setup would be to somehow allow mechapwn to handle ps1 support while letting the modbo / matrix infinity clone handle ps2 support with the added benifit of the Matrix menu features.
I've tried not wiring up the SX wire and it makes no difference when mechapwn in flashed.
Do you guys think it might be possible to disable Ps1 support on a Modbo and let mechapwn handle it?

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