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PS3 Promo releases artwork


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Feb 16, 2021
Just wondering if anybody knows of source(s) for PS3 promo cover slips, for the slim CD type cases?
Some of these that I own are missing the slips but have the proper cases, I do have some that are complete though.

Also have some PS4 promos missing cover slips, but from what I've seen maybe not all titles come with them anyway (the slim CD type cases)?
I do have a few PS4 promos in full retail PS4 cases with "display only" shop covers.
RE7 PS4 that I have came in slim case with a double sided printed sheet (survival pack 5x codes) inside, but it isn't a proper cover like you see for example with Dark Souls III.

Also 1x PS2 promo that I got disc only (Dark Chronicle).

Thankfully all of my Xbox 360 and Xbox One promos are complete with cases and cover slips.
Well, except for that odd Halo Wars 2... but that appears to be a retail disc inside a sealed case with no cover (but 2x stickers, see my other thread for pics).

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