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PS3 Blue Ray Drive Malfunction / Error Code


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Mar 9, 2020
My PS3 is unable to read certain games but can read others. All my games are in mint condition and have no visible scratches, what so ever. Motor storm gives me an error code 80010514. From what I've read it's probably the laser that's going bad but not sure if the daughter board is faulty either.

80 GB Motorstorm Edition, (CECHE01)
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Jun 17, 2019
First thing I would do is clean the laser. I have fixed several PS3s that weren't reading discs that were "broken" and worked flawlessly after a simple clean with cotton swab + alcohol. Typically in those units, they would read CDs and DVDs (includes PS1 and PS2 games) fine but not Blurays.

If the board is disconnected or faulty, one of the issues would be that it would not run anything, including anything installed on the hard drive without even needing a disc. You'd get a black screen.
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