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PS3 HDD Encryption Process


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Nov 29, 2020
Hey everyone!

This is my first post on Obscure Gamers and excited to become active on here. I came across this forum after doing research on PS3 HDD encryption. Very recently, the motherboard on my PS3 failed and needed to be replaced. I was not able to get the EID key off of the PS3, but still have my PS3 hard drive for safekeeping. From what I have read, having the EID is important for the potential of data recovery, so I understand I cannot currently access my drive without it and have learned to perform PS3 data backups in the future. I was wondering what progress has been made overall to figuring out the PS3 encryption methods and how to decrypt without an EID. Its been hard trying to see a timeline of sort. I know its subjective about when the process could potentially be figured out and realistic about my data being lost forever, but I find the subject fascinating and would like to learn more about it.

Thanks for your insight!



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Jan 20, 2019
pretty sure that there is no (realistic) way to do this without EID root key, as contents are encrypted and can be only decrypted if you have that file. well, of course, theoretically you could try bruteforcing but this will take decades to actually work on a cluster of most powerful computers in the world.


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Mar 5, 2021
Hello, that's my first post so sorry if I messed up some information.

I have very similar problem to OP. My 14yo backwards compatible phat died (even with delliding and new paste) and with it died all my collected save files and virtual PS and PS2 memory cards. I'm good with electronics, at least to the level I know my console cannot be revived (very unlucky short circuit in the NEC/TOKIN killed the RSX). I'm reading about that eID key but the problem is there is nothing about its location. In case of phat models with 2xNAND its stored on the NANDs or its encrypted on HDD and I can do nothing about it? I have some stuff to reading those chips so if the key is stored on the NAND maybe I will be able to retrieve the keys?

Thanks in advance for clarifying that.