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3DS PSA: Partner-CTR Capture/Debugger/Capture Debugger Won't Work with Dead or Missing Batteries (Can Also Kill Unit if They Leak)


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Jun 7, 2019
I decided to take a chance on one of the seemingly dead Partner-CTR Debuggers on Yahoo Japan Auctions. While troubleshooting, I remembered in the manual it says that it has 2 AA batteries inside for "back up data" (and RTC function) and it won't power up if they are dead. Opened it up and unfortunately was met with a terrible fate.


So PSA for anyone who takes a chance buying a dead unit. It could be as simple as dead/missing batteries and you could walk away with a deal, or you can have this happen. The manual hints that they need to be changed every 1.5 to 2 years. With 3DS development now EOL, who knows how many of these are sitting around with the batteries left inside? Remember to remove them when you put away your Partner-CTR.
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