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PSn00b SDK?


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Aug 24, 2019
I never thought about it but I think I've spent much more time with PS1 games on Sony's other consoles than the PS1 itself, so this is kinda fresh for me as I was never planning to own a PS1 after I migrated to the PS2 way back then. Restoring the console that fell on my lap for free has been very fun!

Anyway, anyone has any experience with the PSn00b SDK? I previously wanted to do PS1 homebrews but the lack of an open SDK + ancient programming environment turned me off of it, but getting this SCPH 7001 rekindled my interest in the platform.

The demo shown here seems to indicate that this SDK is mature enough for making homebrew, but I have no idea where to start since it seems that there isn't much documentation around for both that and the official leaked SDK/Net Yaroze, or at least I couldn't find anything. Any help and pointers would be appreciated.


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May 31, 2019
There isnt much documentation around on PS1 from a homebrew guide point of view.

I always found it easier to look at other sources and strip them back to get a simple form of startup code then build it up. Some people have written simple wrapper libraries that combine functions in PsyQ for simplicity.

PSn00b is fairly new, so no guides or docs as such but the examples directory is always a good start.. the sources for the n00bdemo and liteload are in there.