PSP: Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Complete UNDUB (USA)

Apr 21, 2017
After being disappointed that there was no proper UnDub for Lunar on psp, or even PS1, I set about to correct that. I took it upon myself to script and sub every video with speech in the game with hard coded subs.

This is my first time ever doing a project like this, and hopefully not the last. There were some changes to the English script I made in places where someone that typically watches anime would know that a scene said something different that what the english script had. These situations do not happen often though.

I'm not an english major, nor a perfectionist, so maybe there are places I missed an apostrophe, or missed a misspelling. That is why the Aegisub files I used to make the subs are included in the download for anyone to make changes and release their own enhanced version if they wish. My permission is not needed to reuse them.

Both the video subtitles and the in game Text are in english. All voices parts are in japanese.

With all that out of the way, please enjoy the undub of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony!

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