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"Quake" Arcade Machine


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Jun 2, 2019
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Feb 11, 2014
2016 post by myself on assembler:

I stumbled across the CHD file of "beta 2", which is still Hardware-Locked (Sentinel),
so I couldnt test it. (but you can view the image contents)

I already used the search here just to find 4 older discussions about it
that didnt answer my question and I have googled a lot by now.

Someone did all this before me, so no reason to get into details :


In 2013 someone already claimed to have it "converted" for PC and also mentions a
"unlocked developer version": (last post)


Now my question would be, are the "instructions to convert it to PC" or maybe the dev-unlocked version still out there ? Did anoyone here ever play it on his old PC ? I read differences arent that spectacular, but still, Id like to try it.

System specs and more info from an owner :


Maybe someone here got additional infos or even played it on the original cabinet ?
Maybe somene can offer the dev version ? Would it be dongle free ?
Any reply is welcome.
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