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RC Stunt Copter (PAL) (Jan 8th 1999)


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Oct 18, 2018
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Jul 11, 2017
Another PSX release, more me clogging up our lovely forum with my words! How are we all OG?

I reached out to a fella who posted on Reddit about asking if any prototypes of this game had surfaced online at all, because his copy was peculiar compared to the final. A burned copy his brother had in the 90's, and I'm sure most of us are well aware how much the case PSX prototype builds ended up being distributed around like that, undocumented!

EXE dated Jan 8th, main data file dated Feb 24th. Has a fair few differences from final, and is a PAL build also. Options is a non-functional menu with no strings. Levels have no music. Plugging in a second controller allows you to enter Debug mode and fiddle with the game, as well as other dev features like the sound test!! Do note that it requires the use of the Dual Analog controller, or turning on the Analog mode of the Dual Shock, otherwise you won't be able to get past the title.

Link below for you all to fiddle around with and try to fly about little RC copters :) Huge thanks to LC-DDM for dumping his disc and sharing with the community!

RCSC.2021-03-03 15.31.19.png RCSC.2021-03-03 15.32.54.pngsoundtest.jpg

Link: Archive.org

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