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Request RedLynx Television Games (Astronaut, Katapult, BumberCars etc.)


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Jun 2, 2019
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Feb 11, 2014

back in the days of the year 2002 there was some games on local TV stations, that could be played by sending SMS to a premium content provider.

This is about the game beeign called "Astronaut".

RedLynx, known for the Trials motorbike games was behind it.

Katapult was another title :

And "BumberCars" :

Just recently I learned that there was an additional Nokia S60 symbian app, that could be used to play the TV game "more easily".

Now I do know that I was after this 20 years ago and I learned that RedLynx never released this to the public, but only licensed it to TV stations.

Maybe things changed ? Maybe someone could rescue the Symbian app at least ? Hope to hear someone else here has at least heard of it. :)

Basically you sent an SMS with coordinates to shoot rockets or rotate your spaceship, which otherwise would crash or get hit by others.
Quite expensive, but I always dreamed about beeing able to play this game at a local PC with 2-4 players.

Astronaut RedLynx.jpg

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